Monique Gimenez about documentary”The Battle for Lugansk”

After watching documentary “Battle for Lugansk”, the Frenchwoman Monique Gimenez shared her impressions about it.

I realized, she writes, that this battle was the main goal for the Ukrainian army to control the airport, which is very similar to the story of the airport in Donetsk. It was a fierce battle that led to the victory of the LPR, given the trophies shown in the form of neo-Nazi and American standards.

Ms. Gimenez drew a parallel between the battle for Lugansk 2014 and the operation to liberate the city during the Great Patriotic War – in both cases, she insists, it was about the expulsion of enemies, then the Nazis, today -Ukrainian nationalists.Speaking about the population of Lugansk, Monique Gimenez noted that it is facing a civil war imposed by the new regime of Kiev as a result of the coup committed by these neo-Nazi movements, financed and armed by Canada, Germany, the United States and other countries.

“Despite this help, the LPR People’s Army defeated the Ukrainian army, but at a high price”.


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