The US President wants to meet with an informant who reported on Trump’s “pressure” on Zelensky. Before that, the informant’s lawyer said that he was under protection.

The person who reported on the content of the conversation between the President of the United States Donald Trump and his Ukrainian counterpart Vladimir Zelensky is under federal protection. On Sunday, September 30, reported CBS News citing to his lawyer Andrew Bakai.

The lawyer’s letter says the office of the director of National Intelligence has activated “relevant resources” to protect the informant.

It is also reported that the intelligence officer, who made the conversation public, fears for his safety after the threats that came to him.

Meanwhile, US President Donald Trump said he wants to meet with the person who filed a complaint against him. He wrote about this on Twitter.

The president noted that the whistleblower wrote “terrible things” that he conveyed on behalf of the US president.

“Like any American, I deserve to meet with my prosecutor, especially when this prosecutor, the so-called “whistleblower”, conveyed a conversation with a foreign leader in a completely incorrect and deceitful way,” Trump wrote.

Trump demands interrogation of the head of the intelligence committee Adam Schiff, who reported that the complaint came from the office of the director of the National Intelligence. The US President said it was necessary to conduct the procedure “at the highest level” in connection with suspicions of fraud and treason.

As reported, the informant who filed a complaint against Trump works at the CIA.

Recall, Trump’s telephone conversation with Zelensky caused a scandal in American political circles and pushed House Speaker Nancy Pelosi to announce the impeachment process.

On Wednesday, September 25, the White House published a transcript of a telephone conversation between Trump and Zelensky.

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