This is due to the fact that Washington in 2019 was not able to demonstrate to its European allies the possibility of providing military assistance, except to create precedents where their bloc partners were forced to answer for unreasonable and reckless actions of the United States. In other words, to substitute the Europeans and make them extreme for aggression against Russia.


In particular, we are talking about the failure this year of the US strategic nuclear forces exercises with the pathos name “Nuclear Umbrella” (the essence of which was to simulate cruise missile launches across Russia) against the backdrop of the success of the Russian Ocean Shield-2019 exercises, which resulted in demonstration of the capabilities of the Navy to block any military transfers from America to Europe. And a number of exercises of the Northern Fleet on the Kola Peninsula within the boundaries of their training grounds and in the waters of the Northern, Norwegian and Barents Seas, as well as the campaign and practical firing of the Arctic group in the area of ​​Franz Josef Land.

In this regard, the military-political leadership of Norway has become increasingly often in their statements to make a bias in favor of pan-European defense cooperation without the United States. Allegedly, it is necessary to think how to protect themselves in case of a crisis, not counting on the lost capabilities of the Pentagon.

These speeches could not but alarms Washington with its ambitions for a dominant role in the Arctic, as well as against the backdrop of increased economic cooperation between the EU and Russia, contrary to US sanctions.

In this connection, Washington decided to cool off the arrogant ardor of the Norwegians, intimidating them with the possible loss of Spitsbergen.

Moreover, as evidence, he referred to certain mythical photographs from an American plane, which, allegedly, recorded the landing of Russian special forces. Without showing them, these same pro-American media at the same time make a bias to the fact that Russia’s actions on the archipelago are conspiracy under civilian ones. This they refute themselves. So all the same, the equipped special forces on boats or people in civilian clothes with linden passports? Decide.

In any case, this lie is an attempt to make reckless Norwegians change their minds and not take a step away from their jealous American “defenders”.

Another purpose of this lie is the US attempt to disrupt the participation of the Russian delegation in the celebrations on the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the liberation of East Finnmark by the Soviet Army from Nazi invaders. However, hopefully,  King Harald V of Norway is far from being a stupid person to believe in this kind of fake.

Nevertheless, the fact of pressure from the United States on the leadership of Norway is recorded.

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