The Cabinet of Ministers, headed by the leader of the pro-Western “ACUM” bloc, Maia Sandu, during her work has never been able to meet the expectations of Moldovan citizens, because the executive body can expect serious personnel changes in the near future.

This statement was made by the President of the Republic Igor Dodon in an interview with “Tribune”.

According to him, the government and its program “were created in a hurry”, the result of which is observed right now, when the authorities “continue to be lost in excuses” about their vain attempts to start working for the result.

“For a month I have been warning about this, and it seems that someone simply does not understand, does not know how to work for the good of the people”, –  he emphasizes.

According to Dodon, the time for the “buildup” has passed, and if in the near future the heads of the ministries are not aware of the tasks that they are facing, they will have to cede their posts to more competent specialists. 

“It makes no sense for us to be afraid to think about the first reshuffle in order to attract personnel who know what needs to be done. Heads of departments should know that they are not just appointed for the next 4 years, they will retain their positions only as long as they work for the result for the population”, –  the President said.

As News Front previously reported, the Moldovan government was formed in June, with key ministries and even the post of prime minister entrusted to the pro-Western “ACUM” bloc. However, after one hundred days of the government’s work, even his head Maia Sandu was forced to admit that the only success of the new government was the elimination of the scandalous oligarch and usurper Vladimir Plahotniuc.

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