In Serbia again remembered their claim to the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia

It would be nice if a team of Serbian and foreign lawyers filed a lawsuit against NATO in connection with the bombing of Yugoslavia in 1999, and the state helped to collect the necessary data, writes the authoritative Belgrade publication Politika.

The claim for damages is legal and logical, the author of the article is sure. Serbia is late with a lawsuit, but war crimes have no statute of limitations. Moreover, NATO still believes that the use of military force without the approval of the UN Security Council was legitimate and justified.

As a result of airstrikes by NATO aircraft in Yugoslavia, more than 2,500 people died, of which 79 were children, 986 civilian objects suffered, of which 119 were destroyed. 50 thousand shells with depleted uranium, 37,440 cluster bombs were dropped at 113 points. Material damage amounted to $ 120 billion.

It has been proven that some shells contained the substance pluton, which can only be used for a nuclear charge. Deliberately attacked chemical and oil facilities.

A court in Italy confirmed the causal relationship between these events and the surge in oncological diseases, having determined the payment of compensation to Italian soldiers who got cancer after working in Kosovo and Metohija.