A transcript of a telephone conversation between Donald Trump and Vladimir Zelensky is the main topic of the week. The main topic of this conversation was an investigation into the Ukrainian company Burisma, to which Hunter Biden, the son of Joe Biden, the main rival of Donald Trump in the next election, was involved.

It turns out that Biden’s people wanted to hush up the case with the dismissal of former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.

A document has been published on the network from which we learn that the representatives of the United States came to the former First Deputy Prosecutor General of Ukraine V. Shokin with an apology for the dissemination by the then State Department of untruthful information about the activities of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine and the reforms carried out.

Three Americans came, Karen Tramontano, Sally Painter and John Buretta. All three of Blue Star Strategies.

It is interesting that Tramontano and Painter previously worked in the administration of President Clinton, that is, they are people from the “democrats” cage and are indirectly related to the Biden team.

It is also worth emphasizing that these persons admitted that the State Department spread false information about Ukraine and the Prosecutor General of Ukraine personally, and this is a blow to the image of the Obama administration and the Democrats personally.

In the near future  a huge number of leaks of such documents on the “Ukrainian case” in the American elections is expected.

We will remind, on January 23, 2018, former us Vice President Joe Biden at the discussion panel of the Council on foreign relations in Washington told how in 2016 he demanded Kiev to dismiss former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.

On March 29, 2016, the Verkhovna Rada dismissed the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Viktor Shokin. Victor Shokin tried to recover through the court, but lost the case.

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