Ukraine plans to organize passenger transportation on the border with Crimea

Ukraine plans to launch passenger transportation on the border with the Crimea after the launch of the Chongar and Kalanchak entry-exit control points (CPVV), there is no question of restoring flights to Crimea, the country’s Minister of Infrastructure Vladislav Krikliy said.

“By order of the President of Ukraine, the construction of the Chongar and Kalanchak CPVVs is nearing completion. Along with the CPVVs, stations are being equipped with which Ukrainian carriers will carry passengers across Ukraine,” the Ministry of Infrastructure press service quotes Krikliya on Facebook.

According to him, it is about creating conditions for passengers who will be able to get on the bus at the station near the CPVV and continue on.

“Next week I will inspect the progress of the development of the CPVV. The project for the construction of the CPVV has been transferred to Ukrzaliznytsya JSC and will be completed on time,” added Krikliy.

Kiev unilaterally stopped the movement of buses and trains across the border with Crimea at the end of 2014. Trains to the peninsula now stop at Novoalekseevka station in the Kherson region before reaching the border.


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