Mexican Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard said at the UN General Assembly that the country is opposed to the economic blockade of Cuba and sanctions against the countries of the region and intends to join the Security Council to advance the diplomatic principles of a multipolar world.

“In the Latin American region and the Caribbean, Mexico is opposed to measures such as the blockade of Cuba or the imposition of sanctions against states. We advocate that peoples, nations and countries can resolve disputes through dialogue and communication,” said Ebrard.

According to the minister, one of the main priorities of Mexico is to strengthen and expand an effective multipolar system of relations between countries, in which political rather than forceful methods of resolving contradictions are applied.

“The time has come for our renewed, decisive and self-confident country to participate broadly and actively in strengthening the multipolar world and its foundations. Therefore, Mexico has recently announced its intention to join the UN Security Council in 2021,” said Ebrard.

The Foreign Minister also outlined Mexico’s vision of the fight against international terrorism and stated that the ideas of racial superiority and war of civilizations call into question the foundations of peaceful coexistence of states.

“Just in August, we were witnesses and victims of the El Paso, Texas tragedy. Mexicans and Mexicans were the victims of the crime. This tragedy was connected and inspired by the events in Christchurch, New Zealand, so we must realize that the ideas of white supremacy and the struggle of civilizations have an obvious connection, and join forces in the fight against ideas that call into question the foundations of peaceful coexistence of our countries on a global scale,” said Marcelo Ebrard.

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