Germany, under certain conditions, is ready to provide Britain with yet another delay in the issue of withdrawing from the European Union. This was stated by German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas, according to Welt am Sonntag on Sunday, September 29.

“If the United Kingdom asks for an extension (the time needed to prepare Brexit – Ed.), we will consider it constructively,” said Meath. “We have a clear goal – to reach a consensus with the United Kingdom.

Moreover, according to him, it is clear that a delay beyond the previously established date on October 31 should be accompanied by a “prospect” of further actions.

“Uncertainty is a growing burden for our economy and the viability of the EU,” said the German minister.

At the same time, the 27 remaining EU member states must unanimously agree to satisfy the request of the British government. France has already made it clear that it does not consider the new deferral of Brexit the right measure, since the British government did not present alternative solutions.

It is expected that the UK, according to the decision of Prime Minister Boris Johnson, will leave the EU on October 31, in extreme cases even without an agreement, although the law obliges the Prime Minister to apply for an extension of the term for Brexit if by October 19 there is no agreement on leaving the EU ratified. How Johnson wants to circumvent the law is unclear.

Under Brexit, without a deal, according to experts, major losses are likely for the British economy and other spheres of life. From Sunday to Wednesday, the Conservative Party Congress will be held in Manchester, during which major discussions about Brexit are expected.

Earlier, the European Parliament approved the suspension of Brexit. The adopted resolution states that the UK may again postpone its exit from the EU if there are good reasons, however, it must maintain free movement on the Irish border and, even in the absence of a deal with Brussels, fulfill financial obligations to the EU. The document was supported by 544 MEPs.

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