Washington showdown leaves Ukraine alone with Minsk agreements

Kurt Walker, who for years delivered instructions from Washington to the Kiev leadership, resigned from the post of special representative of the US State Department for Ukraine.

He was known as an ardent opponent of the implementation of the Minsk Agreements in the form in which they were adopted. It is noteworthy that it was his appearance in Kiev at the so-called Yalta forum that made the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine Vadim Pristayko sharply change the rhetoric regarding the implementation of Minsk. He had previously stated that he did not consider granting special status to the people’s republics a betrayal.

However, Volcker’s resignation is most likely due to the scandal unfolding in Washington over a telephone conversation between Donald Trump and Vladimir Zelensky. So, the US Congress has already expressed a desire to interrogate Walker in this case.

The fact is that the so-called informant in a previously declassified letter linked Volker’s visit to Kiev exactly after the conversation between the President of the United States and Ukraine.

“Based on many reports on such meetings, which various United States officials have told me about, ambassadors Walker and [US ambassador to the EU Gordon] Sondland instructed the Ukrainian authorities on how to “navigate” the demands of the US president,” A letter from an American intelligence officer.

It is noteworthy that, based on the US media version, Walker did not contribute to Trump, but rather, because he allegedly instructed to “restrain” attempts to put pressure on Kiev.

With this situation, his resignation is quite reasonable. As for the situation in the Donbass direction, Kiev may have time to implement the political part of Minsk, as pressure from Washington will be weakened.