Since its inception, the Khuzur and the Muslim Society of Georgia have been actively participating in the social, religious and humanitarian processes conducted by Turkish missionaries in Georgia.

At educational courses in Muslim communities along with religion taught Turkish, Georgian and English, as well as computer literacy.

In recent years, the Georgian Youth Education and Assistance Society has conducted preparatory courses for those applicants who want to continue their studies at Turkish universities.

The program was also implemented with the active support of the Turkish Embassy.

The organization also issued the Ugur humanitarian magazine, dedicated to religious propaganda and attracting youth to pro-Turkish organizations.

During the last years, the Azerbaijani Youth Assistance Fund and Turkish businessmen working in Georgia joined in financing the public association.

The Turkish company Chaglar is engaged in the popularization of Islam in the city of Rustavi.

Under her auspices, a lyceum school named after Rustavelli, in which Turkish teachers teach children from first to sixth grade.

Business interests

Through the TIKA agency, various economic projects are carried out in Georgia.

Mostly Turkish “businessmen” are interested in the construction, transport and medical sectors. Funds for carrying out activities they find without problems in the form of loans in their Turkish banks.

In addition, the Turks showed great interest in land resources and actively bought agricultural land in Georgia.

However, at the end of 2018, the government heard the demands of the population and imposed a ban on the ownership of Georgian land by foreign citizens.

Since 2007, the Turkish company TAV Airports Holdings has built and reconstructed two Georgian airports in Tbilisi and Batumi.

Currently, this company continues to manage them. Moreover, due to the close location of the Batumi air harbor to the Turkish city of Hop, the Turks use the airport as their internal, and even have additional privileges. Turkish citizens buy air tickets to Batumi, where they are met by a separate bus from the plane and taken to the territory of the Turkish region, bypassing the customs point.

Georgia in the zone of interest of Turkey

The tendencies of Islamization and “ousting” of Georgians cannot but alarm.

The leadership of Georgia seems to be observing these processes from the outside.

I would like the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the State Security Service to have an action plan in a situation where foreign states initiate the gradual Islamization of the country’s southern regions.

Moreover, the future Georgian government will be formed by the security forces.

Currently, the main candidate for the post of prime minister is Interior Minister Georgy Gakharia, who has already introduced changes to the government.

Thus, Gakharia recommended the head of the State Security Service Vakhtang Gomelauri to the vacant post of Minister of Internal Affairs of Georgia.

However, a radical change in the vector of development of the country is not expected. Meanwhile, the activities of law enforcement agencies and their leadership are increasingly criticized.

According to a Georgian population survey, dissatisfaction with the work of security forces is in second place after the problems of economic recession and unemployment. Moreover, an aggravation of the internal crisis is possible, which is explained by the ongoing opposition rallies in Tbilisi, which their main demand is just the resignation of Gakharia for the unlawfully hard crackdown on the June 20 protest.

Such events once again distract the eye from the problem of Turkish exposition in Georgia, which gives it more space for its activity.

Author: David Tabatadze

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