In the eastern part of Syria, occupied by pro-American gangs, during the ongoing clashes between the Kurad and the militants of the Islamic State terrorist organization, one of the leaders of the Islamic State was liquidated.

This is reported by local information resources.

According to reports, Kurdish militants supported by Washington conducted an operation in the village of Al-Basir in the southeast of Deir ez-Zor. One of the leaders of the Islamic state, Abu Omar al-Suri, who managed a network of “sleeping” cells of a terrorist organization in this region of the Arab Republic, was discovered there.

Al-Suri was surrounded, but refused to give up. Trying to attack the Kurds with explosives, he was shot on the spot.

In the pro-American formation, the Syrian Democratic Forces believe that the elimination of al-Suri will hit the activities of the Islamic state in eastern Syria.

As News Front reported, one of the main centers of terror remains in this region of the country. Kurdish groups controlled by Washington, which occupy the territory, regularly face attacks from the Islamic state. Moreover, earlier in the province of Deir Ez-Zor, Islamic state militants distributed leaflets threatening reprisals against local residents who joined the Kurdish group Syrian Democratic Forces. Leaflets with a list of names appeared at the entrances to the mosques of the village of Abu Hardub.

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