Georgian President Salome Zurabishvili said that Tbilisi needs to use the path of diplomacy and negotiations with the Russian side to solve the existing problems. It is reported by RIA Novosti.

She commented on the results of negotiations between the Heads of the Foreign Affairs agencies of Georgia and Russia, David Zalkaliani and Sergey Lavrov.

“When a country has problems such as occupied territories, there are two ways: the first is the military, which we abandoned, and the second is the path of diplomacy and negotiations”, – she said.

According to Zurabishvili, “there is no Russophobia” in her country. The President of Georgia also welcomed the reaction of the Western countries, who praised the talks between the Foreign Ministers of Georgia and Russia.

According to TASS, Georgian Deputy Prime Minister Maya Tskitishvili also spoke in favor of continuing the dialogue with Russia.

“The dialogue must continue, and it has no alternative”, – she said.

On September 26, Lavrov met with the Georgian Foreign Minister on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly.

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