In Hong Kong, protesters threw Molotov cocktails into a government complex. This was reported by the police of the special administrative region.

“Radical protesters threw Molotov cocktails into the government complex, creating a serious threat to the security of everyone, including the police on the spot”, – the police account said on Twitter.

On Saturday, Hong Kong residents went outside to the streets in memory of the 2014 Umbrella Revolution. It began on the same day exactly five years ago. Then the protesters demanded that genuine universal suffrage be granted. The umbrella revolution got its name because demonstrators used umbrellas to protect themselves from tear gas used by police.

The reason for the protests in Hong Kong was the extradition bill. In early September, authorities decided to withdraw the document, which led to riots. It was reported that all necessary procedures will be carried out in October, when the break in the work of the Legislative Assembly ends. After three months of chaos, the authorities made concessions on only one of the five demands of anti-government demonstrators.

The protesters, in turn, were dissatisfied and still demand to fulfill “all five requirements – not one less”. They insist on stopping the use of the term “riots” in relation to the June 12 protests. In addition, the demonstrators are demanding the release of all previously arrested protesters, an independent investigation into the actions of the police during the June 12 rallies, and the direct general election of the head of the district administration and the legislative assembly.

Hong Kong’s Head of administration, Carrie Lam, said the government would not make concessions under the amnesty, as this would run counter to the rule of law, and it will be the Independent Police Complaints Board, and not an independent commission, that will investigate the work of law enforcement agencies during protests. 

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