Today, on September 28, it became known that criminal proceedings were opened against the current British Prime Minister Boris Johnson regarding his activities as a mayor of London.

According to the published data, the Prime Minister has already been summoned to the London Assembly for testimony regarding his ties with the American entrepreneur Jennifer Arkurion.

Johnson was suspected of a conflict of interest after The Times wrote that a US business woman received large sums of sponsorship grants during the mayor’s office of Boris Johnson.

The Greater London Office also sent a request for Johnson to the Independent Police Conduct Authority. The authorities have yet to decide whether there is reason to investigate Johnson’s misconduct committed in the public service. And certainly there are such reasons, since the administration is headed by the mayor of London, Sadik Khan, the representative of the Labor Party.

It is worth noting that Johnson himself considers these suspicions unfounded, and this appeal was regarded as a politically motivated attack launched before the Conservative Party conference.

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