The settlement of the armed conflict in the Donbass was one of the key election promises of Vladimir Zelensky, which ensured him an incredible victory, however, when the time came for a conversation with Donald Trump, the interests of the Ukrainian people receded into the background.

Thus, the German journalist and editor-in-chief of the Ukrainian editorial office of Deutsche Welle, Bernd Johann, commented on the transcript of a telephone conversation between the presidents of the United States and Ukraine, Donald Trump and Vladimir Zelensky.

He ironically drew attention to the fact that the party of the Ukrainian president was called the “Servant of the people”: “Only when it came to Trump, Zelensky obviously wants to demonstrate that he is ready to serve him”.

Johann criticized the sneaky and flattering approach of the President of Ukraine in his conversation with his American counterpart. “He assented to Trump again and again, scattered compliments, and even called him “a great teacher”.  He gladly responded to the wishes of the interlocutor. Thus, the servant of the people of Ukraine proved himself to be the servant of the President of the United States, and turned his own country into a toy of the American politician”, – the German journalist says.

According to him, in international relations it is always about the interests of a country, but Zelensky in a conversation with trump hardly represented the interests of Ukraine. “He seemed to be an obedient child and did not Express a single political wish, as if his country does not have any,” Johann continued, stressing that Zelensky could easily take advantage of the situation to achieve American investment in the decadent economy of Ukraine or at least ask for support in reforms, but none of this guarantor did.

“He did not mention the end of the conflict in the Donbass, although this was the key topic in his struggle for the presidency, and that is exactly where American support could be useful to him”, –  the journalist said.

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