At the moment, Moscow regarding the resumption of direct flights between Russia and Georgia is much more positive than Tbilisi.

On Friday, September 27, the former speaker of the Georgian parliament and the leader of the opposition party “United Georgia – Democratic Movement”, – Nino Burjanadze said in a comment to the TASS news agency.

According to her, the Georgian side should take the first step towards reconciliation, especially considering the causes of the crisis, associated not only with the June anti-Russian protests organized by pro-Western forces, but also with insults directed at Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

“Recently I visited Moscow, held various meetings there, and I am well aware that the Russian side is positive about the prospect of resuming air traffic. Of course, in such a situation, Georgia should take the first step towards, because the decision was initiated due to the conflict that unfolded in Georgia. Russia was groundlessly offended and now Georgia needs to really assess this fact and reach out a hand of reconciliation”, – Burjanadze said.

As previously was reported by News Front, the Pro-Western Georgian party “United national movement” of former President Mikhail Saakashvili reacted with a storm of indignation to the recent meeting of the foreign Ministers of Georgia and Russia. The head of the Georgian diplomatic Department was summoned to Parliament and almost accused of treason.

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