According to the authorities of the republic, the “epidemic of hatred and extremism” on the territory of the region has not been ceased. 

Serbian houses are still being set on fire and extremist atmosphere is remaining on the territory of the unrecognized republic of Kosovo. This was stated on Friday by Marco Djurić, the Head of the Office of Kosovo and Metohija under the Government of Serbia, while commenting on another attack on the Serbian population in the province.

According to the RTS national television of Serbia, on Friday night, several unidentified persons set fire to the house of the Serbian Drago Konić in the village of Klin. There was nobody in the house during the fire, and due to this no one was hurt.

Marco Djurić strongly condemned another attack on the Serbian population in the self-proclaimed Kosovo.

“The purpose of the attack is undoubtedly the intimidation of the small Serbs who have remained here. The world should know that 20 years after the end of the conflict in Kosovo and Metohija, Serbian houses continue to be burned, and the epidemic of hatred and extremism has not stopped here”, – the Press office quotes Djurića as saying.


The representative of the Serbian Cabinet also recalled that over the past year alone, 10 arson attacks on Serbian homes and attacks on Serbian property have been recorded in Klin, which indicates a deliberate criminal scenario.

Kosovo separatists apply the tactics of “petty terror” to the Serb population of the region. Every year, dozens of acts of aggression against the Serbian population are recorded in Kosovo, including attacks on houses and medical posts, theft of livestock and equipment, and beating. According to the Serbian media, Albanian youth attacks Serbian women walking with children, stones Serbian pilgrims who have come to worship local shrines, and attacks Orthodox clergy.

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