President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky did not expect the White House to publish a full transcript of his telephone conversation with US leader Donald Trump.

While in new York, the head of Ukraine admitted that he did not know the format of such procedures, whether there should be any written permission, although he noted that he was not against the publication.

“I just thought that they would publish only their part”, –  Zelensky explained.

According to him, sometimes transcripts should not be made public.
“You know, there is geopolitics, some plans, etc. But I’m not at all afraid of this”, – he added.

On Wednesday, the White House published a transcript of a conversation between the presidents of Ukraine and the United States in July. Earlier media reported that in a conversation with the Ukrainian leader, Trump could ask for an investigation against Hunter Biden, the son of former US Vice President Joe Biden.

Joe Biden leads among Democrats in the presidential race and can become a Trump’s main rival in the 2020 election.
A published transcript confirmed that Trump asked Zelensky to investigate the dismissal of the former Prosecutor General of Ukraine and the Biden Jr. case. Democrats claim that the US president requested this in exchange for guarantees of assistance to Ukraine, but there is no direct indication of this in the transcript.

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