Washington doesn’t hide that Moldova is being turned into an anti-russian tool

The US administration did not spare money for the so-called “program to combat the negative influence of the Kremlin” in Moldova, clearly demonstrating the true goals that Washington is pursuing in the republic.

This was told by the diplomat and the head of the Institute of Diplomatic, Political Studies and Security Issues Valery Ostalep, evaluating the program initiated by the infamous US agency “USAID”, which finances “color revolutions”.

“The United States intends to help Moldova” resist the negative influence of the Kremlin.” This is the name of the program, it is allocated money, and it shows what role we play in the fight between the United States and Russia, we are all presented as if we are Neanderthals,” — said the expert.

At the same time, he urged to think about how much indignation would be created in the Moldovan and world press if Moscow sent several million dollars to “limit the influence of the United States in the region”.


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