The commander of the anti-aircraft missile regiment, based at the Khmeimim airfield in Syria, spoke about the protection of the air base and port in Tartus from air attacks by militants.

According to him, the regiment’s tasks include covering objects at the Khmeimim air base and Tartus based port from attacks by unmanned aerial vehicles and rockets, as well as from tactical aircraft and cruise missiles.

“A layered air defense system has been created here, which includes the S-400 missile system long-range air defense systems and the “Tor-M2” and “Pantsir-S1″ short – range air defense systems”, – he said.
The commander stressed that thanks to these means, the military has the ability to destroy all kinds of air objects at a range of 20 kilometers to 250 kilometers.

The “Tor-M2” anti-aircraft missile system and the “Pantsir-C1″ anti-aircraft missile and cannon system effectively cope with the tasks of destroying small-sized unmanned aerial vehicles that have a small effective dispersion surface, as well as high-speed shells of multiple launch rocket systems of industrial and artisanal production which are actively used by militants”, – he said.

According to him, all information about the air situation is collected from radar means of the radio battalion, as well as from own means of reconnaissance of the regiment command post and anti-aircraft missile divisions.

“The management of hostilities is carried out in a fully automated mode, from the moment of detection of air targets and taking them to escort, until the decision is made to destroy air targets”, – concluded the regiment commander.

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