The transcript of the telephone conversation announced on the eve by the President of the USA and Ukraine, Donald Trump and Vladimir Zelensky, caused a wide resonance in American society, and even more so in the press.

Thus, the publication The Washington Post, assessing the likely consequences of the actions of the White House, claims that Trump signed a death sentence for himself with a decision to declassify the dialogue with Zelensky. The article draws attention to the fact that the head of the White House voiced his demand for an investigation in the Joe Biden case exactly after the words about the support that Washington is providing to Kiev, and also accused the Ukrainian leadership of insufficient reciprocity. According to the publication, this is enough to destroy the ratings of Trump.

Solidarity with this position is expressed by the Bloomberg agency, where it is argued that the document indicates that Trump was playing on the dependence of another state on American support.

“The call clearly demonstrates the extent to which smart leaders from other countries are ready to appease the American president, who has built his capital and reputation by running a business,” the article evaluated Zelensky’s words that he stayed at Trump Tower when he was in New York.

At the same time, the publication The New York Times called the prospect of impeachment Trump called “mourning, not a holiday.”

“There is nothing to rejoice here. This is a thing that requires serious analysis. This is a sign that the character and behavior of the goal, namely the president, are being tested. And at the same time, they betrayed American voters,” the article says.

However, The Wall Street Journal claims that Trump will not be impeached, as the transcript does not contain the amount of evidence that would invalidate the election results.

“The dialogue for the most part was mediocre diplomacy. And there was much less talk about Biden than they tried to present in the media. Success with attempts to convince Americans that because of this it is possible to initiate impeachment,” the newspaper said.

But in the publication “USA Today” noted that the situation threatens to ruin the career of both Donald Trump and his opponent Joe Biden, because the hyped scandal regarding the financial frauds of Biden Jr. has thoroughly entrenched in the American media and may cause doubts among voters who supported the Democrats.

“Biden was faced with a real threat that most would simply not go into details, would not understand what was true and what wasn’t. Instead, a contribution will be made to the idea that Trump is spreading. The idea that things are not going smoothly with Biden,” says Karen Kedrowski, representative of Iowa State University.

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