Poles stunned by the American occupation value – Warsaw accused of treason

Soon, Polish taxpayers will already contain 5.5 thousand American troops. The price of this “occupation” is $ 50 million annually, and this amount will fall on the shoulders of the Poles.

As reported on Thursday, September 26, the RMF FM radio station, most of the finances will be spent on utility bills. First of all, the Polish leadership has to arrange comfortable conditions for the deployment of the US military. And this, starting with the construction of residential complexes and ending with the construction of bases, will cost $ 2 billion. Although, according to the sources of the radio station, the final amount may be twice as much.

Such information led to a storm of indignation among the Poles. On the Interia portal, they accused the country’s authorities of betraying national interests, and at the same time doubted that the US Army, which Warsaw would feed at its own expense, would even stand up for Poland when the war broke out.

“In any case foreign troops should be voluntarily brought into their own lands. I doubt that Russia will attack Poland. She doesn’t need a mess, and she can exert pressure by other methods: politics, economics, espionage, sabotage,” one of the comments says.

“The United States pays other countries for the possibility of deploying troops on their territory. We, the most loyal allies, have the privilege – we pledged to pay the United States for what others get for free,” another user writes.

“If it seems to you that the foreign army will fight for Poland, you are mistaken,” – the message says. – Recently, Trump said that he would not send his son to fight for “some kind of Montenegro.” Poland for Americans will be just a free training ground.”

In one of the comments, the American army was compared to a “fighting dog”, which “was allowed into the yard, knowing that it would not obey.” In another, they emphasized that “a foreign army is always treason.”


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