Moscow calls on official Kiev to abandon attempts to rehabilitate Nazism, according to a comment by the information and press department of the Russian Foreign Ministry.

“We urge official Kiev to abandon the vicious practice of whitewashing Nazi minions and mocking history, and their overseas friends to listen to the voice of reason and not support such shameful events”, –  the report says.

The Foreign Ministry noted that Ukraine is observing “regular attempts to substitute historical concepts”.
“The director of the so-called Ukrainian Institute of National Remembrance worked especially hard in this direction, who put on stream the fabrication of historical fakes, including those justifying members of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army, calling them independence fighters”, –  the statement said.

“Quite a blatant case occurred on August 22 in the city of Sambor, Lviv region, where a monument to members of the OUN-UPA, who participated in the murders of Jews was set on the Jewish cemetery in the presence of the local administration, the Head of the Greek Catholic Church Svyatoslav, “Head” of the so-called Orthodox Church of Ukraine Epiphany and Rabbi Jacob Dov. That is a monument to executioners on graves of victims. It is not only about ignoring historical facts, but also about insulting the memory of innocent people killed”, – the Ministry stressed.

They pointed to the participation of the Canadian Ambassador to Ukraine and Canadian troops who arrived to train officers of the armed forces.

“These cases are a vivid example of the substitution of concepts and rehabilitation of Nazi accomplices. Attempts to equate the victims of Nazism and their murderers have nothing to do with tolerance and reconciliation. This is blasphemy over the memory of the dead, and it deserves a sharp and universal condemnation”, – the Russian Foreign Ministry concluded.

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