Moldovan corruption authors laugh in face of new prime minister

Companion of Vladimir Plahotniuc Andrian Candu, who, being the speaker of the Moldovan parliament, has repeatedly assisted in adopting the unpopular laws that are now beneficial for the runaway oligarch, criticized Prime Minister Maya Sandu and her government.

In particular, he noted that for one hundred days of the work of the Cabinet of Ministers, headed by the leader of the pro-Western bloc “ACUM”, the country’s authorities did not live up to the expectations of citizens regarding the elimination of the corruption system since the time of Plahotniuc.

It is noteworthy that it was Andrian Candu who was an active participant in the process of creating this system. Now, he bravely declares that Sandu could not cope with the tasks. The representative of the Democratic Party calls its only real achievement the normalization of relations with Russia, which Kandu also prevented at one time, pushing Russophobic laws through parliament.

“We appreciated this achievement,” he said, assuring that the Democratic Party, as the ruling force, allegedly “failed to achieve this.”

As News Front previously reported, Sandu herself admitted that her Cabinet could not boast of other achievements besides defeating Plahotniuc, although this is largely due to the Party of Socialists, as well as those who supported the new ruling alliance of Russia, the EU and the USA.


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