President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko announced his readiness to bring peacekeepers to the Donbass and take control of a section of the Ukrainian-Russian border.

“If you want us to close the border of 400 kilometers between Ukraine and Russia, which is not under control by the Ukrainian authorities right now, we will close this border. Although for me it is a big problem to get involved in this conflict, but we are ready to send peacekeepers, border guards, troops, as you like, but we are ready to close this section of the border if there is agreement between the two sides”, – Lukashenko said at a press conference with Ukrainian media.

According to the head of the republic, Minsk will continue to do everything possible to resolve the conflict in eastern Ukraine.

He added that in the place of the president of Ukraine he would have done everything to end the war, therefore he repeatedly “reproached Poroshenko” for his unwillingness to resolve the conflict. Moreover, according to Lukashenko, “interested” persons used the situation in the Donbass to put pressure on Moscow.

“We were always afraid that NATO would come. <…> I said, arguing with politicians from Russia and others, that this is how we presented NATO and America. Today, to put it mildly, they affect Ukraine more than Russia, China and all countries combined”, – the president said.

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