The insinuations that are arranged around close cooperation between Minsk and Moscow have no basis.

Such a statement on Thursday, September 26, was made by President of the Republic of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko at a meeting with Ukrainian journalists.

He stressed that the country will invariably follow integration with the Russian Federation, while the head of state called the fears regarding the loss of sovereignty absolutely pointless.

“A lot of both idle and completely incorrect, incorrect conversations occur around the discussion of our integration processes with Russia. Everyone is afraid, but why are they afraid? We are a sovereign, independent state,” Lukashenko emphasized.

As News Front previously reported, the head of the republic also assured that Minsk does not intend to “be friends against Moscow.” In this regard, he recalled the results of the plebiscite, which showed that the majority of Belarusians favored friendly relations with the Russian Federation, and also noted that only Russia and China supported the republic in a difficult period.