While 800 thousand residents of the self-proclaimed “Republic of Kosovo” chose to escape from it to European countries, and the quasi-state itself is “bending” from the infrastructure crisis, Washington is raving about the “successes” of Pristina.

“Kosovo has existed for more than ten years, but has already come a long way, and, of course, the United States recognizes it. We stand firmly for Kosovo and are happy to provide our educational institutions, an affiliate military program”, – said US Senator Johnny Ernst.

According to her, Washington intends to continue to cooperate with Pristina. At the same time, she criticized the position regarding the quasi-state of Russia, which, as is known, stands for the territorial integrity of Serbia.

It is worth noting that the eloquent statements made in Washington do not correspond to the Kosovo realities with thirty percent unemployment and hundreds of thousands of Kosovars who fled the region. At the same time, the pseudo-state has been facing problems in the energy and communications sectors for years. Kosovo also suffers from a serious transport crisis. It is noteworthy that over the years of the existence of the self-proclaimed “republic”, the West has not bothered to solve the problems of its “partners”.

In addition, more and more countries are declining recognition of Kosovo’s independence. Belgrade’s foreign policy has reduced the number of countries that have recognized Kosovo’s independence to 97. Among the states that have revised their position are the Central African Republic, Madagascar, the Republic of Palau, the Solomon Islands, Lesotho, Suriname, Granada, the Union of Comoros, Burundi, the Commonwealth of Dominica, San -Tome and Principe, Liberia, Guinea-Bissau, Papua New Guinea.

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