In October, a battalion of US ground forces consisting of 500 soldiers and heavy equipment will arrive in Lithuania to deter and participate in preparations for the exercises, the press service of the Lithuanian Defense Ministry said.

“We are striving to expand the long-term US military presence in Lithuania and the region. Therefore, the deployment of the US Army battalion over a long period of time is good and expected news and the result of our efforts and investments. US forces are a vital deterrent, so they will contribute to NATO’s efforts in the Baltic region,” said National Defence Secretary Raimundas Karoblis.

The battalion will be deployed at a military training ground in Pabrad, which is located in the Shvenchensky district in close proximity to the border with Belarus.

The 1st Tank Battalion of the 9th Regiment of the 1st Division of the US Army will arrive in Lithuania. The US military will deliver heavy equipment:

30 tanks “Abrams”;
25 Bradley infantry fighting vehicles;
70 military trucks.

The American battalion will be deployed in Lithuania until the spring of 2020. It is planned that the US military will exchange experience with Lithuanian colleagues and other allies.

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