If until recently, Russia received the role of the villain who allegedly interfered in the US presidential election and was accused of assisting Donald Trump by promoting the sensational and failed investigation of RussiaGate, now it is being methodically replaced by Ukraine.

This was told by the famous TV presenter James Corden in his show “The Late Late Show with James Corden” on the CBS channel. At the same time, the issue was called “Ukraine is a New Russia”.

Corden praised the scandal unfolding in Washington over the Ukrainian interference in the 2016 presidential election, drawing attention to the “serious legal consequences” that Donald Trump could have expected for his attempts to put pressure on Vladimir Zelensky.

“But they probably won’t be. Let’s be honest: they definitely will not be, – said the presenter. – It seems to me that before that I saw everything. But now we seem to be watching the filming of the continuation of a bad film. They can’t make the big star go back to the sequel, and they say: “Well, Vladimir Putin threw us, but I’m quite sure that we can get the president of Ukraine.”

As News Front previously reported, the idea to impeach Trump is now being promoted in US democratic circles if american president’s pressure on Zelensky is proven to obtain data on Biden, as well as the interference of Kiev officials in the previous elections on the side of Hillary Clinton. Obviously, the publication of these data will seriously hit the Democratic Party, which they are desperately trying to prevent.

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