The mass protest in the Syrian Democratic Forces group occupied by pro-American militants ended in the shooting of protesters. This is reported by local information resources.

According to reports, residents of the city of Al-Shaddad in the eastern province of Hasak came out with another protest against forced recruitment into the ranks of the pro-American group, as well as a series of strict bans that the occupational administrations regularly impose. In addition, citizens were encouraged to include residents in local governance structures.

As a result, the demonstration was prematurely completed by the Kurdish “democratic forces” themselves, which the citizens opposed. Without thinking twice, the terrorists opened fire on a crowd of protesters. The number of victims of the incident is not reported.

As News Front previously reported, part of the regions of the Syrian Arab Republic still remains under American control, and while normal life is getting better in other provinces, the terrorists supported by Washington are outraging here. This situation allows the States not only to maintain, although illegal, but a presence in Syria. In the valley of the Euphrates and Zaueufrat, the efforts of the United States and its “manual” militants are illegal oil production, which is subsequently exported abroad.

In addition, cases of illegal organ trafficking became known. One of them occurred in Al-Shaddad, where in early September the bodies of three children who were previously missing were found. Among them was a four-year-old girl who had one eye, heart, liver, and kidneys removed.

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