NATO conducts a special operation in Ukraine: billions of dollars for destroyed ammunition depots

A Ukrainian serviceman made a video appeal to veterans of the so-called “Anti-Terrorist Operation” and ordinary Ukrainians, in which he said that the Ministry of Defense, with the help of NATO experts, tried to hide the scheme for Ukraine to sell weapons to terrorists in the Middle East under the bombings of military arsenals and ammunition depots, as well as to disguise an attempt to begin in Ukraine the production of American-style weapons.

NATO conducts a special operation in Ukraine: billions of dollars for destroyed ammunition depots

Explosions in Ukrainian military depots have become the norm in recent years. According to experts, the damage can be calculated according to various sources up to several billion US dollars. However, the country still has not implemented a control system, and those responsible for the “accidents” have not yet been punished. At the same time, the Ukrainian command is trying to convince the world community that the explosions are the result of the Russian special services work.

“These special operations were hardly carried out by Russian special services, as they are trying to convince us. The fact is that systemic plan operations cannot be carried out without the participation of people from the high command of the armed forces of Ukraine, including from the General Staff,” – the soldier says.

During a personal investigation, a fighter of the Ukrainian army came to the conclusion that the planned operation could not be carried out exclusively with the participation of the high command of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, foreign experts also took part in it, and the main goal was “to bring the ability to adapt the weapon system and ammunition system for several years to NATO standards.”

“I think that, most likely, this operation was carried out by special operations of the Ministry of Defense of Ukraine with the participation of foreign experts. I think that these are specialists from NATO countries, given that immediately after dozens of deaths of both military personnel and ordinary people living in territories near military depots, a plant for the production of NATO-standard ammunition appeared on credit in Ukraine,” – the security official comments.

However, according to military political scientist Boris Rozhin, the Ukrainian command organized explosions in warehouses not only to get closer to NATO, but also to hide the fact of arms sales from Ukrainian arsenals to conflict zones, including to terrorists in the Middle East.

“There are two reasons for the bombings of warehouses. The first is negligence during storage, the second is the sale of weapons. The Ukrainian military command sells weapons to conflict zones, for example, the Middle East, including terrorist groups. Ukraine sells it through the Odessa port. This is ammunition, cartridges, small arms, etc. These schemes involve arms dealers, the Ministry of Defense, and Ukroboronprom. Of course, Ukraine does not sell all weapons, but leaves something for Donbass,” – said the expert.

According to Rozhin, a check was carried out in the warehouses, a huge shortage was discovered. It was decided to blow up the ammunition depots to cover up the traces of crime.

Recall, since the outbreak of hostilities in Donbass, there have been several major fires in the arsenals in Ukraine.


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