French farmers began last night a series of protests called “Fires of Anger,” BFM reported on Tuesday.

In different regions of the country, at and along the crossroads, they lit big bonfires – this was the case in the metropolitan region of Ile-de-France, the department of Eson (south-east of Paris), the department of Haute-Garonne (south-west) and even in Calais, nearby from the entrance to the Channel Tunnel. Protesters emphasized that in this way they are protesting against the ongoing deterioration of their situation.

The dissatisfaction of the French farmers was caused by the recently published draft law introducing agricultural zones in which prohibit the use of pesticides near the settlements. If adopted, it will become operational from the beginning of 2020. This, according to farmers, will significantly reduce the area of their agricultural land and thus reduce productivity. Only in the metropolitan region of Ile-de-France, the area of efficiently used agricultural land can be reduced by five to six thousand hectares.

Farmers emphasize that this only adds to their difficulties in a situation where their incomes are extremely low.

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