Estonia “spat” in the direction of the european dream of ukrainians

Estonian authorities, assuring that Ukraine remains an ” important partner “of the Republic, hit the labor migrants from the” independent”, abolishing the decision, which for nine years allowed those to get free long-term visas.

Estonia "spat" in the direction of the european dream of ukrainians

The resolution allowed citizens of Ukraine not to pay the state fee when applying for a long-term visa. It was adopted in 2010, but now the situation has changed.

As the Minister of Foreign Affairs of Estonia Urmas Reinslau said, about 90% of Ukrainians who request long-term visa, apply for it for the purpose of employment, and if they come to work in the country, they will be able to pay the state fee.

Against the background of this decision, the press service of the Estonian government hastened to assure that Tallinn invariably considers Ukraine an important Eastern European partner.

As News Front reported, earlier the Minister of Internal Affairs of Estonia Mart Helme generally proposed to close the visa-free regime with Ukraine, thereby depriving Ukrainian labor migrants of the opportunity to come to work. It is noteworthy that the official voiced this decision, hiding behind traditional anti-Russian rhetoric, calling the Ukrainians “agents” of Russia, “Russified” and “Homo-Sovieticus”.


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