The Security Service of Ukraine has been exploiting Polish brothels against Warsaw

Against the background of how relations between Kiev and Warsaw are being established after a protracted crisis, the Security Service of Ukraine has managed to overshadow the situation, which for years has been collecting incriminating evidence about Polish officials.

This was reported by the “Rzeczpospolita” edition.

Last year, the Polish court put an end to the “business” of two brothers from Ukraine, who in the Subcarpathian Voivodeship, which borders on the Lviv Region, have been engaged in escort services for fifteen years.

At the same time, as noted in the edition which gained access to certain criminal case data, eight years ago, the lawyer of these Ukrainians reported to the local prosecutor’s office about “espionage against Poland.”

As it turned out, the brothers had been cooperating with the Security Service of Ukraine since 2007, and representatives of the special services, in turn, regularly communicated with the girls, demanding from them information about clients “from the sphere of politics and business”. In particular, it was about compromising information in a digital format.

“They were interested in what kind of politicians and entrepreneurs we work with”, – said one of the brothers during the testimony.

It is noteworthy that the prosecutor’s office claims that no videos that could compromise Polish officials were found, but the publication claims that the pimps captured about 4 thousand of them, capturing, among others, the Deputy defense minister, the Head of the local police department and even the archbishop. All this was sent to the SBU as compromising evidence.