The countries of the Islamic world must determine their place in the multipolar world, the center of which will not be Saudi Arabia, and Lebanon, in turn, is an excellent platform for discussing mechanisms to accomplish this task, told the participant of the International Conference “New Horizon Conference” in Beirut and the leader of the International Eurasian movement Alexander Dugin.

From September 20 to 26, the International Conference “New Horizon Conference” is held in Beirut on the topic of the multipolar world and the place of the Arab countries in it.

“Islam cannot unite against the backdrop of radical fundamentalism. Nevertheless, the Arab and Islamic countries alone are not able to defend their place in a multipolar world – this requires a new understanding of Islamic unity, not opposed to other civilizations, but taking into account the conditions that are developing. Therefore the task of the Islamic world is to become a new pole. How to do it and on what basis is an open question, while Lebanon is a great platform for discussing this task”, – Dugin said.

According to the interlocutor of the agency, after Russia and a number of other countries were able to change the course of events in Syria and did not allow the implementation of US plans to change the Middle East, KSA and Qatar themselves are forced to abandon the strategy of supporting radical organizations in favor of a new form of political Islam.

“One cannot consider Saudi Arabia as the center of Sunniism. Turkey is a huge and influential center of other Sunniism, which is absolutely hostile and not comparable to Wahhabism in Saudi Arabia… Therefore it’s absolutely wrong to reduce all of Sunnism to Saudi Arabia, I think we should abandon this identification, saying that there is Shiite Iran and Saudi Arabia Sunni… Ankara’s, Cairo’s position is much more important now “Damascus, Beirut, Morocco, Algeria – this means that the Islamic world is much wider”, – noted Dugin, answering the question about the likelihood of a rapprochement between Tehran and Riyadh.

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