Warning the Ukrainian authorities about the deprivation of financial assistance, the US President Donald Trump acts as a person who has always been able to count money, Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on Foreign Affairs Dmitry Novikov told RIA Novosti.

Earlier, Trump said that the United States will detain the allocation of funds to Ukraine until Europe and other countries make their contribution.

Novikov noted that, making such statements, the American leader “looks back on the position of the American establishment, but, nevertheless, tries to be internally consistent and implement the positions that he still voiced in his election campaign in 2016”. The deputy noted that Trump then promised to minimize the US intervention in conflicts in different parts of the world and focus on solving internal problems.

“Of course, he does not quite succeed in this, and in this case, he reiterates his allegiance to his intentions”, – the parliamentarian added.

“The fact is that the United States, under the leadership of Trump, has become directed towards a maximum “prevention” of the European Union’s opportunities related to their economic opportunities, political influence, and the question has been tough enough: either you are increasing the burden of financial costs related to maintenance, or you’ll get more more subordinate position than at the previous historical stage. Therefore, Trump here essentially invites the Europeans to “fork out” in relation to Ukraine and thus completely behaves himself as a person who has always been able to count money”, – he stressed.

Speaking about the prospect that Europe will listen to the words of the American leader, the deputy said that there will be a discussion on this issue in Europe, since the EU “has sufficiently represented the forces that are also ready to support the Ukrainian regime”. 

Earlier, the Washington Post reported citing senior US administration officials that Trump had ordered the acting White House chief of staff Miku Mulvaney to temporarily block the allocation of military assistance to Ukraine due to the high level of corruption in the country. According to sources, Trump ordered to temporarily block the allocation of about $ 400 million for military assistance to Ukraine. The corresponding order of the American leader, according to officials, was transmitted to the State Department and Pentagon in mid-July, about a week before Trump had a telephone conversation with Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky.
Sources say that Trump’s “fears” about the need to allocate funds were the reason for this decision, and he wanted to study whether this money should be spent. In addition, according to one source, the decision of the US leader was affected by concerns about “a lot of corruption in Ukraine”.


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