Andrea Lindholz (CSU) Chairman of the Bundestag Home Affairs Committee called on the federal government to improve the redistribution of refugees.

Before Germany confirms the 25%  quota, “at least it should be clear that only those migrants who are eligible for protection are distributed from the courts”, Lindholz said.

At present, however, most immigrants come “from countries with a very low level of recognition”. The distribution of these individuals across several EU countries is contrary to the legal situation in the EU, Lindholz warned.

On Monday, Germany, France, Italy and Malta agreed on a mechanism for the temporary distribution of migrants. Earlier, Federal Minister of the Interior Horst Seehofer (CSU) had already promised that Germany would receive more than a quarter of immigrants. Therefore, France may take another quarter. Croatia, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, Luxembourg and Portugal also expressed their readiness to distribute refugees.

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