Leaders of opposition parties demanded the immediate resignation of Boris Johnson from the post of the Prime Minister after the Supreme Court’s verdict on the illegality of the Government’s Head’s decision to suspend the Parliament’s activity.

“This is an impressive decision. We want to get back to work as soon as possible. But, frankly, I believe that Boris Johnson should resign immediately”, – Ian Blackford, the Head of the Scottish National Party parliamentary group, told the reporters.

He was supported by the parties in the Supreme Court and the representatives of the Wales Party and the Green Party. The need for the resignation of the defeated Prime Minister was also announced by the liberal democratic leader Joe Swinson.

The Labor Party also welcomed the decision of the court.

“This serious court decision proved that Johnson has no respect for the law. And yes, he was again caught”, – the Minister for Brexit Affairs, Kir Starmer, said to reporters.

Earlier, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson received the Queen’s consent to close the Parliament from September 10 to October 14. He explained his decision by saying that the government needs to present its new agenda and begin to implement the domestic political program. Many parliamentarians, however, accused Johnson of intending to withdraw the country from the EU on October 31 without a deal, hiding related information and documents, as well as misinforming the Queen to obtain authorization to suspend parliament. The Supreme Court thus upheld their point of view.

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