The number of migrants illegally entering Germany by plane has increased sharply in recent months.

According to “Welt”, the federal police recorded 6,175 such cases by the end of July this year. Most of the flights were from the Schengen area.

Surveys by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees showed that one in three asylum seekers claims to have arrived by plane.

The federal government already confirmed this fact in March 2018 in response to a request from AfD party member Leif-Eric Holm, as reported by Junge Freiheit. Meanwhile, however, the federal government classified the numbers as secret, i.e. For official use only. Information may have “an impact on the security of the Federal Republic of Germany” and, therefore, from the point of view of the public good, is not intended for the public.

AfD parliamentary group leader Alexander Gauland said: “The federal government still does not control the situation at the borders. This clearly shows an increase in the number of illegal entries by plane”.

Especially annoying is the fact that most flights were from the Schengen area. According to the Dublin Agreement, prisoners had to seek asylum in another country and had to be rejected at the border.

“In view of the large number of unaccounted cases, the Federal government must act quickly and effectively to prevent illegal immigration by air to Germany”, –  demanded Gauland.

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