Tehran considers the accusations from France, Germany and Britain of the attack on Saudi Arabia to be “ordered” and irresponsible, since they were made before the investigation, the Iranian Foreign Ministry said.

“This step in itself is provocative and destructive, taken before any investigation was conducted and without providing any evidence, based solely on ludicrous arguments that there is allegedly no other possible explanation”, – the statement said.

In this regard, the Iranian Foreign Ministry called such an approach to the accusation “irresponsible” and “contracted”, pursuing political goals, and warned that such statements could lead to an escalation of the war in Yemen, which will become even larger.

Earlier, the leaders of France, Germany and the UK believed that Iran is behind the attack on oil facilities in Saudi Arabia, a joint communique says.

“It is clear to us that Iran is responsible for this attack. There is no other plausible explanation”, – the communique said.

The largest exporter and one of the three largest oil producers, Saudi Arabia, after the attack on its oil facilities on September 14, reduced production by more than a half – by 5.7 million barrels per day from the usual mark of about 9.8 million. The Saudi Minister of Energy announced on September 17 that, thanks to the use of reserves, oil supplies had already returned to their previous level, and that lost production has so far been restored by half.

Hussite Yemeni rebels, against which the Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia, are fighting, said oil militants attacked their vehicles with unmanned aerial vehicles. The US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said there was no evidence of an attack from Yemen, and blamed Iran for it. The Arab coalition led by Saudi Arabia also believes that Tehran is involved in the attacks. Iran denies the allegations.

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