Georgia that ruined the tourist season and almost lost the Russian sales market, was not a part of the US Department of State. Washington is afraid that the “democratic progress” in the country might be lost.

The corresponding statement was made by the special representative of the American diplomacy on Ukraine Kurt Volker, assessing the upcoming parliamentary elections in Georgia.

A Washington official complains that Georgia has never been so “politically divided”. That is what he explains the “risk of rollback” in the “democratic” achievements of the country. In this regard, he even criticized last year’s presidential election in Georgia, stressing that the electoral process went with “a lot of flaws”.

“Make sure that the elections to the Parliament in 2020 become the most free, fair and transparent of those that were in Georgia. That should be the goal”, – stated Volker.

As News Front previously reported, a Russophobic campaign staged by pro-Western opposition forces swept through Georgia last summer. The consequence of those events was the decision of Russian President Vladimir Putin to stop direct communication with the republic to ensure the safety of Russian citizens. The problem is that this happened at the height of the tourist season. According to the latest data, Georgia lost $ 710 million in this regard.

It cannot be ruled out that Volker’s fears are connected with the prospect of success in parties in the parliamentary elections in Georgia that tend to normalize relations with Russia.

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