The Ukrainian right-wing groups could have acquired a comrade of American descent, which was prevented by the US Federal Bureau of Investigation employees.

According to BBC, law enforcement officers in the United States arrested a soldier who was seen distributing instructions on the manufacture of explosive devices via social networks.

The arrestee’s name is Jarrett William Smith. According to the reports, the 24-year-old military was planning an attack on the office of one of the largest American media, calling on for the killing of anti-fascist movement participants, and he also expressed a desire to join one of the far-right groups in Ukraine.

It is noteworthy that, according to the FBI, Smith has been in contact with US citizen Craig Lang since 2016, who joined the Nazi gang militants “Right Sector”.* It was Lang who gave Smith advice on making explosives.

Smith’s activities came to an end after the person with whom the radical corresponded transmitted information to the FBI. He made such a decision when Smith began to discuss the creation of a jihad mobile – a machine filled with explosives, which he wanted to use to attack the office of an American publication.

* – prohibited in the Russian Federation

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