According to the official data alone, in Poland 190 incidents of hatred towards migrant workers from Ukraine who arrived there were recorded, and given that not everyone contacts law enforcement agencies, the real number could be much larger.

This was told by the authorized representative of the Ukrainian Verkhovna Rada on human rights Lyudmila Denisova, commenting on the brutal beating of a Ukrainian student in the Polish city of Zhory. The incident occurred last Friday, on September 20. A group of five people attacked the Ukrainian.

“She expressed her concern about the growing trend of xenophobia, discrimination and hatred based on ethnicity”, – Denisova said.

She emphasized that over the past four years the number of such incidents has increased from 30 to 190, and this is only according to official statistics.

“Not all citizens of Ukraine turn to the appropriate institutions when their rights are violated, so this number may be more”, – she said.

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