If the pressure is proved, then impeachment may be the only way out of the situation, said the chairman of the House of Representatives Intelligence Committee.

Chairman of the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives, Democrat Adam Schiff said that if pressure from the US president Donald Trump on Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is proven, impeachment may be the only way out. It is reported by CNN.

According to him, if Trump is trying to force a foreign leader to do something illegal with threats, then impeachment may be the “only means”.

“If the president, in fact, is holding back military assistance and at the same time is trying to threaten to force the foreign leader to do something illegal, denigrate his opponent in the presidential campaign, then this may be the only way”, – Schiff said.

He noted that before that he was not a supporter of impeachment of the president.

Recall, according to the Wall Street Journal, Trump during a conversation with Zelensky in July at least eight times called the name of presidential candidate Joe Biden, calling for an investigation in Ukraine against his son. The publication notes that Trump pressured Zelensky during the conversation, calling for an investigation and cooperation with Trump’s personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani during the investigation.

One of the sources of the newspaper pointed out that Trump touched on the issue of providing assistance to Ukraine, and does not believe that the US President offered the President of Ukraine in exchange for the investigation.

In this regard, Joe Biden urged Trump to publish a transcript of the conversation with Zelensky. But US Secretary of state Michael Pompeo said that the content of the telephone conversation between US President Donald Trump and Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky is strictly confidential, so the state Department will not publish this transcript.

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