The American President claims that the son of his electoral candidate in 2020 took money not only from Ukraine, but also from China.

The US President Donald Trump says the son of former Vice President Joe Biden was borrowing money from Ukraine and China. He said this on Monday, September 23, at the UN headquarters in New York, TASS writes.

“The only one to have problems is Biden. What Biden did is a shame, what his son did is a shame. His son took money from Ukraine, his son took a lot of money from China. What Biden did is wrong”, – Trump said.

It is important to note that Trump’s lawyer Rudolf Giuliani says that Biden, as vice president, could put pressure on Kiev to terminate the investigation into the Ukrainian gas company related to his son Hunter.

In turn, Biden himself claims that Trump put pressure on the Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky to demand an investigation into the case against his son.

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