The lack of equal dialogue between the countries leads to the degradation of international relations and the growth of global security problems, said the State Duma Chairman Vyacheslav Volodin.

“For Russia, Europe is one house, and in this respect we are different from the United States of America. For them, Europe is a different continent, as in the field of economic interests Europe is a competitor for the USA. So, those actions that the USA has been reсently demonstrating confirm this”, – said Volodin at a meeting with the  National Assembly of Hungary Chairman, Laszlo Kever, as part of the IV Conference of Speakers of Parliaments of Eurasia.

Russia adheres to the “principles of non-interference into the affairs of other states and mutual respect and would want to receive such relationship in return”, – Volodin noted.

Kever stated that “Hungary always loses when the balance of world politics is upset”. According to the speaker of the National Assembly, the last 30 years are “the most difficult period of European politics, this has not happened for a long time”. Kever also agreed that “there are countries that have arrogated  the right of democracy to themselves, believing that their understanding of democracy is the only correct one”.

“I consider this situation unacceptable”, – said the speaker of the National Assembly.

In addition, he opposed the approach “when countries interfere with each other’s domestic policies”.

Commenting on his colleague’s words, Volodin noted that Kever referred to “those politicians who stand for common sense”.

“You are opposed to extreme measures, such approaches are close to ours”, – the Chairman of the State Duma said.

According to him, “when we talk about democracy, countries that consider themselves to be a model in this sphere and determine standards in power and democracy, constantly deсlare that we must follow these standards, but do not apply these standards to themselves”.

“Today, the lack of dialogue in the world affects the development of relations between countries. International institutions that once did a lot for global security and environmental protection are criticized. All this is due to the fact that the topics that concern countries and the world community have ceased to be discussed in dialogues mode”, – said Volodin.

According to him, in connection with this, it becomes clear why the format of the Conference of Speakers of the Parliaments of the Eurasian countries “turned out to be in demand” despite the faсt that it was new.

“Obviously, the parliaments of both Asian and European сountries got greatly interested in it”, – said Volodin.

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