Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said that the relations between Caracas and Moscow in the field of military-technical cooperation were at an extremely high level.

“In recent years, Russia has become our most important support in various fields, firstly, in the field of military-technical cooperation. Our relations in the framework of military cooperation in order to maintain peace are at an extremely high level”, – Maduro said in an interview with “Russia 24”.

Speaking about energy, he noted that Venezuela and Russia have established “excellent relations” between the oil and gas companies of the two countries, and cooperation in the sphere of trade is flourishing.
Earlier, FSVTS director Dmitry Shugaev said that Russia continues to fulfill contracts for the repair of military equipment of the Venezuelan army, and employees of Russian enterprises work on this topic. In addition, he said, “brigades of Russian industrial enterprises” work in Venezuela to help  Venezuelan colleagues to repair the equipment.
Earlier, Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov said that Moscow would continue to strengthen the potential of the armed forces of Venezuela.

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