More than half of British voters who supported the Labor Party in 2017 believe that it is time for party leader Jeremy Corbyn to resign.

Jeremy Corbyn is currently organizing the annual Labor Congress in Brighton, in the South of England, to define party politics and present himself as the only person able to break Britain’s stalemate on Brexit. But the early days of the conference were overshadowed by internal divisions, especially Brexit, which raised questions about the power of Corbyn’s influence.

So, a survey conducted by YouGov and published on Monday shows that 54% of people who supported the Labor Party in 2017 believe that Corbyn should resign and be replaced by someone else, while 29% believe that he should stay. 17 percent of respondents did not decide on their opinion. This survey was conducted on September 18 and 19, before the start of the annual conference, with a sample of 1,650 people aged 18 and over.

Jeremy Corbyn wants more time to negotiate an agreement and hold a new referendum on Britain’s exit from the EU if Labour manages to win the next General election, which is not due until 2022. The head of the Labour Party, who is considered a eurosceptic, has promised that in the event of a second referendum he will campaign for the position chosen by Labour Party members, but refuses to clearly state his personal position on Brexit.

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