Erdogan wants to hold a new “refugee summit” with Chancellor Merkel, Russian President Putin and French President Macron.

President Erdogan received a rebuff from Russian President Putin and Iranian President Rouhani in his plans for the northwestern province of Idlib. As a result, new flows of refugees from this region can be expected.

Turkish president wants to receive support for the resettlement of 3 million Syrian refugees in the self-government zone of northern Syria from Merkel, Putin and Macron. Otherwise, he will open the gate to Europe. He also threatened the United States.

“If the US does not intervene within two weeks, Turkey will do it alone”, – he said.

However, the chances of implementation are small: the European delegations of the foreign ministries in the self-governing region of the local Kurdish and Arab populations are taking the lead. Recently, a delegation of representatives of the Foreign Ministries of France and Germany held talks on this issue.

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